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Implementing a business system such as NetSuite in an enterprise environment can be a daunting task. It requires careful planning, resources, and the right partner to ensure success.

For CFOs looking for an experienced partner to help them smoothly implement their business’s NetSuite solution, selecting the right implementation partner is one of the most important decisions they will make.

At DWR, we are experienced NetSuite Solution Providers and have implemented dozens of NetSuite solutions across many industries. We understand the challenges associated with implementing an enterprise business system. In this blog post, we’ll discuss various considerations that should be taken into account when choosing a NetSuite Implementation Partner for your enterprise business.


What Is a NetSuite Implementation Partner?NetSuite Implementation Partner

A NetSuite Implementation Partner is a company that specialises in the installation and support for NetSuite. With expertise in the software and many success stories, these are important resources for CFOs of enterprise companies who are looking to benefit from the solutions offered by this cloud-based business management system.

When it comes to a NetSuite implementation, it’s important to find an experienced partner that can provide you with the best advice and support. 

Here are some key points to consider when selecting a NetSuite implementation partner:

Expertise in NetSuite

You want to ensure your NetSuite implementation partner has expertise in the platform and related 3rd party apps, and understands how to leverage it to meet your specific business needs. A good implementation partner should understand the features and functionalities of NetSuite in full detail and be able to provide the right advice on best practices for implementation and how to get the most out of NetSuite.

Look for Experience

You want a partner that has a proven track record and experience implementing NetSuite solutions in your industry. Look for a partner that has experience in handling NetSuite implementations and migrations for enterprise-level companies similar to yours. This allows them to quickly identify potential issues that may arise while implementing NetSuite, as well as work with you on customisation decisions like what modules will work best for your business. They should also have a proven track record in delivering successful projects on budget and on time. 

Research Customer References

Check out third party reviews, recommendations, or customer feedback. Ask questions about their approach, how they performed on previous projects, and how well they met deadlines. A good NetSuite partner will be open and honest about the success of previous projects, and put you in touch with the right contact from their current clients to openly discuss the performance of both the partner, and NetSuite as a product. 

Consider Fees

Different partners may charge different fees for services such as consulting, data migration, customisations, or integrations. Make sure you understand all costs associated with a successful project before agreeing to any terms. Also consider the cost of ongoing support of your NetSuite application. Large organisations generally require a managed services and support agreement in place in order to ensure that their team has access to help when they need it. 

Evaluate Services Offerings and Capabilities after Go Live

Make sure that you understand the services offered by each potential partner before making a decision. It’s important to have all of your needs addressed from start to finish as you work towards full deployment of the solution. Your partner should be able to provide ongoing support services such as training, optimisation, integration, customisation and more. Ask potential candidates if they offer these services and make sure they have the expertise necessary to properly maintain your system over time.

Challenges and Solutions for NetSuite Implementation in Large Enterprises

When it comes to implementing NetSuite for large enterprises, there are additional challenges which must be addressed. The complexity of enterprise systems and the increased risks associated with integration and customisation can lead to costly delays – if not done correctly.

Fortunately, partnering with an experienced NetSuite Implementation Partner like DWR can help you navigate these challenges. 

Here are some of the solutions we offer:

Expert NetSuite Consulting Services

Our NetSuite consultants are experienced in addressing the complexities of integration, customisation and re-architecture of cloud applications across large enterprises. They can provide guidance throughout the process and help your team avoid common pitfalls.

Effective Project Management

We have a proven track record of successful implementations across various industries, making us well-equipped to manage any project, no matter the size or scope. Our skilled project managers will develop a plan that meets your timeline and budget objectives while ensuring a successful outcome.

On-going NetSuite Support

The success of your NetSuite implementation doesn’t end when it goes live, our experts will be on hand offering support and managed services throughout its lifespan. This will ensure that potential issues are addressed swiftly, preventing costly downtime or system errors in the future.

Clarifying Pricing, Delivery, and Service Levels

A crucial step in selecting the right NetSuite implementation partner for your enterprise is understanding the pricing, delivery and service levels associated with the engagement. After all, you are making a significant investment that must meet your specific business needs and ensure a return on investment (ROI).

Understanding these key aspects of the engagement can help ensure a successful experience and optimal results. Here are some aspects to consider:

Professional Services Rates and Licence Fees

It is important to have clarity on what is included in the project such as customisation costs, support services, or licensing fees. Make sure there are no hidden charges and that any upgrades or downgrades will be accompanied with appropriate pricing changes.

Project Delivery Timeframes

Clarify the timeline for implementation, including when key milestones will be met and how often you can expect updates from your NetSuite implementation partner. In addition to this, ensure you have a detailed understanding of the expectation of your team’s involvement in the process and how you build an effective internal steering committee to ensure the best possible chance of a successful outcome. 

Service Levels

Understand your partner’s commitment to upholding service level agreements (SLAs) such as response time frames or escalation protocols. Ask about their process for handling issues quickly, professionally, and effectively.

For CFOs looking for an experienced partner to help them smoothly implement their business’s NetSuite solution, selecting the right implementation partner is one of the most important decisions they will make.

Tiernan O'ConnorSales Director - DWR
Tiernan OConnor

Tiernan O'Connor is an accomplished Sales Director and NetSuite expert at DWR Consulting, a top-tier NetSuite Solution Provider and Implementation Partner. With over 25 years of experience in Sales, Marketing, Cloud ERP and technology, Tiernan has become a trusted authority in the NetSuite Partner community, helping businesses of all sizes streamline their operations and achieve success. Tiernan's in-depth understanding of NetSuite's capabilities and his extensive experience in implementing cloud-based ERP solutions have positioned him as a thought leader in the industry. He is known for his ability to identify and execute tailored strategies that meet each client's unique needs, ensuring they unlock the full potential of NetSuite's powerful features. Connect with Tiernan on LinkedIn

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