Webinar - Survival to Growth

On-demand webinar

Business Growth in 2022 with Digital Transformation

Video - What is an ERP system?

What is an ERP system?

And how does it amplify business success? Find out in this 90-second video.

DL - Evaluating the Digital Transformation ROI of an ERP System

Evaluating the digital transformation ROI

of an ERP system

Those adopting digital transformation will survive and thrive in the "new normal".

Find out the metrics and strategies to evaluate ROI from ERP systems.

Video - Secrets to Scaling a Business

Secrets to Scaling a Business

"Flexibility is the name of the game." NetSuite EVP Evan Goldberg discusses the secrets to scaling a business in the Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast with John Lee Dumas.

Page - Customer Success Stories

How are savvy companies using NetSuite

to amplify their success?

See the success stories of customers with the right framework for growth.

Webinar - NetSuite Planning and Budgeting

Planning and budgeting

Companies from all industries leverage planning and budgeting with future scenario modelling to stay ahead of the competition.

Find out how technology is helping to increase forecast accuracy and reduce the impact of supply chain disruption.

Video - 7 tips for wholesale distributors peak season
7 Tips

for Wholesale Distributors to take the lead this peak season

How can wholesale distributors take the lead this peak season? Find out:

  1. The challenges WDs are facing
  2. 7 tips to take the lead
  3. Symptoms of inefficient inventory processes
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Amplify success

Be equipped to amplify success

Streamlined operations will amplify your business success. It's not always a straight road to get there, however.

Complexity creeps in over time. Manual, low-value tasks and disconnected systems slow things down. Be equipped to break down roadblocks - with innovative business software.

The ERP business software solution

The road to success relies on robust business software, proven processes, and industry expertise.

An ERP system is more than just software. It's a core business technology system. And when implemented by experts, an ERP system enables you to:

  1. Improve planning and forecasting accuracy
  2. Do more with less resources
  3. Stay ahead of trends, changes, and the competition

Start your business transformation

DWR builds the framework of flexible technology, tailored to your needs.

The team brings together award-winning cloud ERP software, proven processes, and industry expertise. Our personalised approach supports your business goals to deliver measurable outcomes.

Start your business transformation journey now and amplify your business success.

Why Work with DWR

Why work with DWR?


years in operation

DWR is a team of cloud technology experts, creating lasting outcomes for customers since 2009.


projects delivered

The team has delivered hundreds of tailored technology projects to power customer success.


implementation hours

DWR has spent thousands of hours bringing the right tools, processes, and knowledge to customers.

A team of cloud technology experts

A team of cloud technology experts



We're an award-winning team of experts that bring tailored designs to the table. Our expertise and innovative approach will address your specific needs to amplify business success.



You'll deal with a close-knit team of experts in Sydney and Melbourne. Direct connections with our business leaders means we're always accountable. Our team has a reputation for delivering projects on budget and on time.



More than half of the team have 20+ years of industry expertise. Our highly skilled team knows how to innovate and configure cloud solutions that enable lasting business outcomes.

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Companies we've helped

to amplify business success
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Employment Innovations
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Companies we've helped

to amplify business success
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Customer success stories - Fertile Mind
Latest customer success videos
Fertile mind consolidated multiple systems to improve productivity and workflows.

Which challenges did an ERP implementation solve for Fertile Mind? For this manufacturer and distributor of maternity wear and baby products, efficiency is critical.

With a cloud-based ERP system, Fertile Mind has gained:

  1. Real-time information for agile decisions
  2. Fulfilment that now flows smoothly
  3. Robust processes that have increased productivity
Customer success stories - Nelson Meers Group
Latest customer success videos
Nelson Meers Group was dealing with manual, labour-intensive processes and lacking finance visibility.

Find out how a NetSuite ERP implementation solved a range of challenges for this well-known hotel group based in Sydney.

With a cloud-based ERP system, Nelson Meers Group has gained:

  1. Significant reductions in the time required to complete month-end
  2. Real-time visibility into venues with individual and group financials
  3. Process improvements to keep scaling operations, faster and more efficiently
Customer success stories - BajaRack Australia
Latest customer success videos
BajaRack Australia needed software to support and enhance rapid growth.

See how this manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of 4WD accessories transformed its business operations.

For BajaRack, a NetSuite ERP solution delivered:

  1. Streamlined financials and warranty management
  2. Real-time visibility of business operations
  3. Improved stock and inventory management
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The road to business transformation

The road to business transformation



We listen and understand your current systems' current limitations, frustrations, and bottlenecks. We then build solutions around your unique business requirements.



We innovate by design. From the start, we partner with you to build tailored solutions for your specific needs. We think outside the box to configure lasting cloud technology solutions.



We're with you each step of the way. We enable your team to become the new experts. Our guidance and knowledge transfer throughout the set-up process build your capability.

Talk to an expert

Talk to an expert

about amplifying your success

DWR delivers the tools to amplify success; by bringing the right technology, process framework, and team of business experts together.

We're an award-winning NetSuite ERP partner based in Sydney and Melbourne.

Take the next step to amplify your business success.

Talk to a business technology expert about your challenges, goals and needs.


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