Helping Australia's Not-For-Profits improve their performance

DWR is one of Australia’s largest NetSuite partners serving customers all over the country. We help companies scale-up and implement NetSuite as a financial platform for long-term growth.


We believe that we can help boost your non-for-profit operations so that you can improve your back-office functions and spend more time focusing on initiatives to help make the world a better place.


Through NetSuite’s Corporate Citizenship Program, DWR wants to help selected non-for-profits in Australia to implement NetSuite ERP. You could be one of them!

How to be eligible for a cost-free NetSuite implementation

NetSuite’s corporate citizenship program provides free use of NetSuite for up to 5 users including support and training.


Not-for-profit organisations who can benefit from this program are able to apply.


To become part of this NetSuite initiative, all you need to do is answer the following questions on our application form below:


What is the mission of your non-for-profit and how do you positively affect your community?


What are the challenges your face in growing your organisation?


And finally, tell us more about the community you serve and how your work has helped in the past.

DWR team

Oracle NetSuite for Nonprofit Organisations

NetSuite provides one integrated, cloud application to manage your entire organisation.

Download the Oracle NetSuite for Nonprofit Organisations whitepaper to find out more.


We want to help improve your
not-for-profit with NetSuite!

To submit your application, fill out our form below.