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Business Growth in 2022 with Digital Transformation

DL - Evaluating the Digital Transformation ROI of an ERP System

Evaluating the digital transformation ROI

of an ERP system

Those adopting digital transformation will survive and thrive in the "new normal".

Find out the metrics and strategies to evaluate ROI from ERP systems.

Video - What is an ERP system?

What is an ERP system?

And how does it amplify business success? Find out in this 90-second video.

Video - Secrets to Scaling a Business

Secrets to Scaling a Business

"Flexibility is the name of the game." NetSuite EVP Evan Goldberg discusses the secrets to scaling a business in the Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast with John Lee Dumas.

Page - Customer Success Stories

How are savvy companies using NetSuite

to amplify their success?

See the success stories of customers with the right framework for growth.

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Page Intro - Digital Transformation

What is digital transformation?


It starts by transitioning analogue data and manual processes to purely digital systems.


Then, digital processes are streamlined and automated to boost efficiency.


This builds the platform to become proactive, increase bandwidth, and reach new markets.

The role of ERP in digital transformation

An ERP system is a core business technology enabling real-time visibility, accuracy of data, and automated processes that reduce manual workload.

When implemented by experts, an ERP system like NetSuite brings:

  1. Live, dynamic dashboards with financial and operational snapshots that keep you informed.
  2. Consolidation and streamlining of all critical data with integration of any external data sources.
  3. Process automation that removes low-value tasks and reduces operating costs.

Latest digital transformation guides

Page Intro - Digital Transformation

What will a NetSuite ERP solution bring?



Have complete confidence in your financial data with one source for real-time, data-driven decisions.



See your financial position quickly with NetSuite's live dashboards, KPIs, and report snapshots.



Consistent, streamlined processes across the business cut down manual work and speed up processing.


Cash flow

NetSuite's AR and AP automation, and fintech integration with SuiteBanking, accelerates processing, payments, and receipts to boost cash flow.



NetSuite brings next-gen, secure role-based cloud access with full audit logs. Keep your financial data secure, no matter where your people work.


Cost savings

Save on siloed and single-use applications. NetSuite manages and integrates all core business functions to reduce license and training costs.

Find out more

Talk to an ERP financial management software expert.

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