Our Story

To survive in a digital economy, businesses need to work smarter and take control of their business systems to maximise revenue and business performance.

Since 2009, DWR has been helping businesses across a variety of industries including professional services, hospitality, retail, wholesale distribution, telecommunications, manufacturing, agribusiness, insurance and eCommerce.

Our expertise lies in our ability to improve business performance, through the integration of NetSuite and Salesforce to suit the needs of the client. This includes the ability to seamlessly integrate new cloud technology within your existing IT infrastructure.

How we do it


Access reliable information that’s delivered in a timely and consistent manner


Increase visibility by removing the need to run separate systems for accounting, payroll, marketing, operations, distribution and sales


Align all areas of the business so you can minimise your cost base and maximise profitability.


Unifying your systems gives you better control over your business, allowing you to work smarter, not harder.

How we can help?