NetSuite Planning and Budgeting

Planning and budgeting

Companies from all industries leverage planning and budgeting with future scenario modelling to stay ahead of the competition.

Find out how technology is helping to increase forecast accuracy and reduce the impact of supply chain disruption.

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Planning and budgeting challenges

The challenge with manual planning methods

Unexpected changes and rapid shifts in product category demands can inhibit decisive action.
Often, financial planning relies on spreadsheets that reference disconnected, static financial sources - and a little guesswork.
Finance teams spend too much time on operational processes and reactive reporting.

How spreadsheets increase business risk

Complex spreadsheets introduce a range of issues such as:

  1. Forecasts constantly change, making static data outdated quickly.
  2. Significant time is spent collating, maintaining, and verifying data in spreadsheets.
  3. Without a deeper connection to wider business operations, spreadsheets limit your view and fail to bring meaningful predictive insights.

NetSuite's financial planning and budgeting solution

NetSuite Planning and Budgeting (NSPB) is a cloud-based financial planning and budgeting solution that automates labour-intensive processes.
NSPB is platform-agnostic. It can be used with any back-end ERP or as a standalone system.
Finance teams can rapidly produce budgets and forecasts, model "what-if" scenarios and generate live reports - all from the one flexible, scalable solution.

Gain more accurate insights, save time, and amplify your financial success.

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Planning and budgeting challenges

How will you amplify success

with NetSuite's planning and budgeting solution?


You no longer have to deal with static spreadsheets or disconnected data between departments.
With NetSuite Planning and Budgeting, everyone accesses a single, cloud-based environment.
Data management is faster and easier for all stakeholders. Finance teams can finally get meaningful input and better collaboration from business and operational managers.



Data is entered and managed in one central system. You then work with a single, agreed-upon version of your financial and operational data.
Any changes made within the system are automatically reflected in reports and dashboards.
NetSuite Planning and Budgeting delivers a clear vision of your business position.

More benefits of planning and budgeting
  1. Reduce your planning cycle times with templates and workflows for ease of inputs and assumptions.
  2. Everyone enters data using the same process. All changes are tracked, and data is consistent. Stakeholders no longer rely on emails or spreadsheets.
  3. Improve your forecast accuracy by easily comparing and analysing actual versus projected results to refine your forecasts.

Use the solution with any back-end ERP system. If you're using NetSuite ERP, you'll also gain pre-built synchronisation to leverage real-time financial and operational data immediately.
Gain more accurate insights, save time, and amplify your financial success.

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