Video - 7 Tips for WD Peak Season
7 Tips for Wholesale Distributors
to take the lead this peak season

How can wholesale distributors take the lead this peak season? Find out:

- The challenges WDs are facing
- 7 tips to take the lead
- Symptoms of inefficient inventory processes

DL - Digital Transformation - Helping WDs Emerge Stronger
Digital Transformation
Helping Wholesale Distributors Emerge Stronger

Learn how to transform operations to lower costs, become more efficient, and increase your lead over the competition.

Video - transforming wholesale
Transforming wholesale
How to add value and stay relevant

eCommerce is booming and brands are uncovering new ways to reach customers, like D2C channels. How can wholesalers add more value and keep ahead of the competition?

DL - Guide to continuous accounting
Peak season preparation
to streamline and scale with speed

Mounting pressure from D2C brands, continued supply chain disruption, and increasing demand are creating a challenging peak season for wholesalers and online retailers. Get the ideas on how to streamline and scale with speed.

Page - Customer Success Stories
How are savvy companies using NetSuite to amplify their success?

See the success stories of customers with the right framework for growth.

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Sales order management

Remove bottlenecks and optimise the sales order management process including automation, and unrivalled visibility, ensuring you deliver on-time.

E-commerce integration

Omnichannel e-commerce can be a reality with seamless e-commerce integration including order management, customer service, inventory, merchandising, marketing and financials.

Inventory management

Manage and optimise your supply chain with automatically managed inventory levels and advanced supply and demand planning.

Marketing integration

Create automated marketing campaigns that include consistent, co-ordinated and personalised messaging to customers.

Our Proven Success with NetSuite in Wholesale Distribution

Some wholesale distribution brands that have benefited from a DWR NetSuite solution

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Why work with DWR?

DWR is the fastest growing NetSuite Partner in Australia and New Zealand with proven success in working with wholesale distributors to maximise their investment in NetSuite.


Accounting and Financials

• General Ledger
• Accounts Payable
• Accounts Receivable
• Inventory Control
• Financial Planning and Budgeting
• Customer Billing
• Financial Planning
• Order and Procurement Management
• Supply Chain Management

Customer Relationship Management

• Sales Force Automation
• Lead Source Management
• Quoting and Opportunity Management
• Pipeline Management
• Sales Forecasting
• Marketing Automation
• Customer Support and Service
• Customer Dashboards

Demand Planning

• Standard Safety Stock Levels
• Forward and Backward Consumption Planning
• Demand Planning
• Advanced supply planning
• Automated purchase order approval and

Warehouse management

Inventory Management

• Demand Based Inventory Replenishment
• Manage Multiple Warehouses/Inventory Locations
• Dynamic Reordering
• Matrix Items
• Landed Cost Calculations
• Serialised Inventory
• Lot Management
• Bin and Put Away Management
• Barcodes
• Stock take and cycle counting
• Warranties
• Pick, Pack and Ship
• Freight Integrations

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