Video - 7 Tips for WD Peak Season
7 Tips for Wholesale Distributors
to take the lead this peak season

How can wholesale distributors take the lead this peak season? Find out:

- The challenges WDs are facing
- 7 tips to take the lead
- Symptoms of inefficient inventory processes

DL - Digital Transformation - Helping WDs Emerge Stronger
Digital Transformation

Helping WD Businesses Emerge Stronger with NetSuite for Wholesale Distribution

Learn how to transform operations to lower costs, become more efficient, and increase your lead over the competition.

Video - transforming wholesale
Transforming wholesale
How to add value and stay relevant

eCommerce is booming and brands are uncovering new ways to reach customers, like D2C channels. How can wholesalers add more value and keep ahead of the competition?

DL - Guide to continuous accounting
Peak season preparation
to streamline and scale with speed

Mounting pressure from D2C brands, continued supply chain disruption, and increasing demand are creating a challenging peak season for wholesalers and online retailers. Get the ideas on how to streamline and scale with speed.

Page - Customer Success Stories
How are savvy companies using NetSuite to amplify their success?

See the success stories of customers with the right framework for growth.

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Our Client Success

Our Proven Success with NetSuite in the Wholesale Distribution Industry

Some of the well-known retailers that have partnered with DWR on delivering ERP solutions include:

Wholesale Distribution Technology
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Key Benefits of NetSuite for Wholesale Distributors

Sales order management

Manage and optimise your supply chain with automatically managed inventory levels and advanced supply and demand planning.

E-commerce integration

Omnichannel e-commerce can be a reality with seamless e-commerce integration including order management, customer service, inventory, merchandising, marketing and financials.

Inventory management

NetSuite allows you to make data-driven decisions by leveraging a real-time view of the business with role-based reports, dashboards and KPIs.

Marketing integration

Create automated marketing campaigns that include consistent, co-ordinated and personalised messaging to customers.
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ERP Requirements Planning Tool Kit

Simplify the complex task of selecting the right ERP solution for your business with our comprehensive Requirements Planner. Our expertly designed tool helps you identify, prioritise, and articulate your organisations specific ERP needs, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your unique requirements.

ERP Requirements Planner
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Manage Your ERP Evaluation Team

Assign roles, track progress, and facilitate effective communication within the team, ensuring seamless collaboration and a well-coordinated evaluation process.

Build Your ERP Evaluation Team
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Define Your ERP Module Requirements

Streamline your ERP evaluation by defining and prioritising the vital modules for your organisation's success. Select the ideal ERP solution customised to meet your module requirements and optimise your business operations.

Select Your ERP Module Requirements
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Refine Your ERP Functionality Requirements

Enhance your ERP evaluation process by fine-tuning your functionality requirements with our comprehensive feature list, organised by module. Simplify the task of identifying and prioritising the specific functionalities your business needs to streamline operations.

Refine Your ERP Functionality Requirements
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Create Your ERP Evaluation and Implementation Timeline With Your Target Milestones

Effortlessly outline your ERP evaluation and implementation journey with our customisable timeline feature. Set target milestones and track progress as you navigate through the process. Our intuitive tool empowers you to plan and visualise key stages, ensuring a structured and successful ERP evaluation and implementation within your desired timeframe.

Create a Detailed ERP Implementation Project Plan
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Get a Visual Representation of Your ERP Project Implementation Progress

Gain a clear and visual representation of your ERP project implementation progress with our dynamic tracking feature. Our tool provides intuitive charts and graphs that showcase key milestones, tasks, and their completion status. Stay informed, monitor progress, and ensure a smooth and successful implementation of your ERP solution.

Visualise Your ERP Evaluation Project
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Growth Partner

Why work with DWR?

DWR has been awarded the fastest growing NetSuite Partner in Australia and New Zealand (2019) with proven success in working with wholesale distributors to maximise their investment in NetSuite.

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Unlock the Power of NetSuite: Download the Buyer's Guide Today

Navigating the diverse landscape of ERP software solutions can be daunting. With the NetSuite Buyer's Guide, you'll gain access to insider knowledge that empowers you to make the best decisions for your company. Get detailed insights into NetSuite's capabilities from operations, financial management, customer relationship management, and more.

NetSuite Buyers Guide 2023

NetSuite for Wholesale Distribution Edition key features

NetSuite for Retail delivers end-to-end functionality with tools necessary to manage your growing wholesale distribution business.


Accounting and Financials

  • Integrated Accounting: Seamlessly connects with NetSuite’s accounting system, automating the posting of sales transactions to general ledger accounts, thus ensuring accurate financial reporting.
  • Financial Consolidation: Provides a consolidated view of financial data from multiple sales channels and locations, simplifying the process of financial consolidation and reporting.
  • Revenue Recognition: Automates revenue recognition processes, ensuring compliance with accounting standards and accurate financial statements.
  • Tax Management: Offers built-in tax calculation and management features, ensuring compliance with local and international tax regulations and simplifying tax reporting.
  • Expense Management: Tracks and manages expenses related to point-of-sale operations, helping businesses control costs and improve profitability.
  • Financial Analytics: Provides detailed financial analytics and reporting tools, offering insights into sales performance, profitability, and financial health, aiding in strategic decision-making.

Customer Relationship Management

  • Lead Source Management: Tracks and manages the sources of leads, enabling businesses to identify and optimise their most effective lead generation channels.
  • Quoting and Opportunity Management: Streamlines the process of creating, managing, and tracking sales quotes and opportunities, ensuring accurate and timely communication with potential customers.
  • Pipeline Management: Provides tools to visualise and manage the sales pipeline, helping sales teams prioritise activities and close deals more effectively.
  • Sales Forecasting: Offers predictive analytics and forecasting tools to help sales teams accurately predict future sales and set realistic targets.
  • Marketing Automation: Integrates with marketing automation tools to streamline and automate marketing campaigns, nurturing leads and driving sales.
  • Customer Support and Service: Enhances customer support and service capabilities by providing a unified platform for managing customer interactions and support requests.
  • Customer Dashboards: Delivers customisable dashboards that provide real-time insights into customer data, sales performance, and key metrics, enabling informed decision-making.

Demand Planning Features

  • Forecasting and Planning: Utilises historical data and predictive analytics to accurately forecast demand, ensuring optimal inventory levels and reducing stockouts or excess inventory.
  • Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP): Aligns sales and production plans, enabling cross-functional collaboration to meet demand efficiently.
  • Inventory Optimisation: Balances inventory levels across various locations and channels, ensuring the right stock is available at the right place and time.
  • Seasonality and Trend Analysis: Analyzes seasonal patterns and market trends to adjust demand forecasts and inventory plans accordingly.
  • Collaboration Tools: Facilitates communication and collaboration between different departments and stakeholders, improving the accuracy of demand plans.
  • Supplier Collaboration: Integrates with supplier systems to enhance visibility into supplier performance and lead times, improving supply chain responsiveness.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Provides comprehensive reporting and analytics tools to monitor demand planning performance and identify areas for improvement.



Inventory Management Features

  • Demand Based Inventory Replenishment: Automatically adjusts inventory levels based on demand forecasts, ensuring optimal stock availability.
  • Manage Multiple Warehouses/Inventory Locations: Provides tools to efficiently manage inventory across multiple warehouses and locations.
  • Dynamic Reordering: Utilises real-time data to dynamically reorder stock as needed, preventing stockouts and overstock situations.
  • Matrix Items: Simplifies the management of items with multiple attributes, such as size and color, using matrix item capabilities.
  • Landed Cost Calculations: Accurately calculates the total cost of inventory, including shipping, handling, and other fees, to ensure precise cost management.
  • Serialised Inventory: Tracks individual inventory items using serial numbers, enhancing traceability and accountability.
  • Lot Management: Manages inventory by lot numbers, facilitating batch tracking and compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Bin and Put Away Management: Optimises inventory storage and retrieval by managing bin locations and put away processes.
  • Barcodes: Utilises barcode technology to streamline inventory tracking, picking, and packing processes.
  • Stock Take and Cycle Counting: Enables regular stock takes and cycle counts to maintain accurate inventory records.
  • Warranties: Manages warranty information for inventory items, ensuring proper handling of warranty claims and services.
  • Pick, Pack and Ship: Provides tools to efficiently manage the picking, packing, and shipping processes, improving order fulfillment accuracy and speed.
  • Freight Integrations: Integrates with freight and shipping carriers to streamline logistics and reduce shipping costs.

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