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"In Australia, my go-to partner for NetSuite is DWR. They have never let down any of my clients."
Matt Paff
Principal, Value Adders

Our Client Success

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Why is business advisory endorsement essential?

Advisory firms are impartial business experts with a wealth of experience. They work with multiple solution providers to find the best fit for each client's individual needs.

Business advisors know first-hand the challenges and opportunities that arise from technology selection and implementation.

About Value Adders


A trusted consulting firm specialising in B2B technology.

Value Adders helps organisations navigate the road to business transformation and gain a genuine competitive advantage.

The company works closely with customers, their service providers and technology vendors to develop strategies for winning technology solutions.


Value Adders empowers businesses through:


Complete communication history, all in one place.


Customer 360 view of AR ageing, sales and service activities and KPIs.


Case management directly from customer records.


Strategic development of the right technology stack.


Vendor and solution provider selection.


Market analysis and product strategy development.

Learn more about how Value Adders can help.


Selective calendar sharing.


See marketing campaign histories on customer records.


Fully customisable alerts and reminders.

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Unlock the Power of NetSuite: Download the Buyer's Guide Today

Navigating the diverse landscape of ERP software solutions can be daunting. With the NetSuite Buyer's Guide, you'll gain access to insider knowledge that empowers you to make the best decisions for your company. Get detailed insights into NetSuite's capabilities from operations, financial management, customer relationship management, and more.

NetSuite Buyers Guide 2023
Why Work with DWR

Why engage Value Adders?



There’s nothing like experience to build deep customer empathy!


adding value

The Value Adders' team adds value, or else there is no fee.


years experience

Across vendor management, strategic and technical support, Value Adders holds experience surpassed by few.

Why implement NetSuite with DWR?


projects delivered

The team has delivered hundreds of tailored technology projects to power customer success.


implementation hours

DWR has spent thousands of hours bringing the right tools, processes, and knowledge to customers.


years in operation

DWR is a team of cloud technology experts, creating lasting outcomes for customers since 2009.

DWR Customer Testimonials - Employment Innovations
"Value Adders has been running ERP Evaluations for many years across a range of industries and software. In Australia, my go-to partner for NetSuite is DWR. They have never let down any of my clients."
Matt Paff
Principal, Value Adders
Why Choose NetSuite ERP Software?

Why choose a NetSuite ERP system?


customers worldwide

NetSuite was born in the cloud in 1998. The platform is now used by 31K+ customers globally.


powerful business platform

Leverage one platform to consolidate, streamline, and automate all core business operations.

DWR Customer Testimonials - Employment Innovations
"I have a ‘Goldilocks’ theory for the size of VARs (Value Added Resellers) I suggest working with on any ERP implementation or project.

Your technology partner can’t be too small to serve their clients’ diverse needs year-round. But they should still have contactable directors who know (and genuinely care about) every client, adding experience and strategic perspectives to all ERP projects.

DWR are unmistakably in that ‘Goldilocks’ zone of NetSuite ERP partners."
Matt Paff
Principal, Value Adders
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ERP Requirements Planning Tool Kit

Simplify the complex task of selecting the right ERP solution for your business with our comprehensive Requirements Planner. Our expertly designed tool helps you identify, prioritise, and articulate your organisations specific ERP needs, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your unique requirements.

ERP Requirements Planner
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Manage Your ERP Evaluation Team

Assign roles, track progress, and facilitate effective communication within the team, ensuring seamless collaboration and a well-coordinated evaluation process.

Build Your ERP Evaluation Team
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Define Your ERP Module Requirements

Streamline your ERP evaluation by defining and prioritising the vital modules for your organisation's success. Select the ideal ERP solution customised to meet your module requirements and optimise your business operations.

Select Your ERP Module Requirements
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Refine Your ERP Functionality Requirements

Enhance your ERP evaluation process by fine-tuning your functionality requirements with our comprehensive feature list, organised by module. Simplify the task of identifying and prioritising the specific functionalities your business needs to streamline operations.

Refine Your ERP Functionality Requirements
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Create Your ERP Evaluation and Implementation Timeline With Your Target Milestones

Effortlessly outline your ERP evaluation and implementation journey with our customisable timeline feature. Set target milestones and track progress as you navigate through the process. Our intuitive tool empowers you to plan and visualise key stages, ensuring a structured and successful ERP evaluation and implementation within your desired timeframe.

Create a Detailed ERP Implementation Project Plan
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Get a Visual Representation of Your ERP Project Implementation Progress

Gain a clear and visual representation of your ERP project implementation progress with our dynamic tracking feature. Our tool provides intuitive charts and graphs that showcase key milestones, tasks, and their completion status. Stay informed, monitor progress, and ensure a smooth and successful implementation of your ERP solution.

Visualise Your ERP Evaluation Project
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