DWR and NetSuite

DWR was the Highest Growth Partner for NetSuite in Australia and New Zealand in 2019.  You can trust our expertise.


Our NetSuite experts will plan, design and implement a NetSuite solution that removes the needs for multiple systems and puts your business on a path to sustainability and business growth.


Benefits of NetSuite, the world #1
cloud business management


Accounting and
Financial Management

Unify your accounting and financials with seamless integration of orders, inventory, CRM and ecommerce to deliver more accurate accounting and financial data.

Supply Chain &
Inventory Management

Gain real-time visibility over your supply-chain and inventory, improving customer service and reducing supply chain costs.

Warehouse Management

Streamline your warehouse operations with greater control and visibility over inventory, fulfilment and shipping costs.


Sales, CRM & Marketing Automation

Reinvent your customer experience with world class Sales, CRM and Marketing automation tools.


Optimise your procurement process through a streamlined pay-to-procure process, procurement automation and workflow driven approval routings.

Budgeting &

Make more informed decisions by creating one, single source of data across all areas of business. Eliminate the guesswork from your forecasting and planning.

Omnichannel Commerce

Create a consistent and personalised buying experience across all sales channels with superior omnichannel functionality.


Create meaningful and actual business reports without the need to second guess the accuracy of the data.

NetSuite Industry Specific Editions

NetSuite understands that not all businesses are the same and have industry specific solutions.

Wholesale Distribution

Remove the need for multiple systems, consolidating Inventory, Demand Planning, Accounting and Financials and CRM Management into one, unified system.


Combine your accounting, CRM , inventory and demand planning with material requirements planning functionality to manage work orders and complex WIP and routings.


NetSuite for hospitality brings innovations around menu, POS and supply chain to enhance efficiencies and the customer experience.

Small Business

SuiteSuccess gives rapidly growing small businesses the opportunity to access core ERP functionality with the ability to grow and improve and the business changes.

See NetSuite in Action

NetSuite allows you to consolidate your business system with real-time visibility over customers, inventory, financials, sales and CRM.

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