Buy Now and Pay Later with DWR and NetSuite

Oracle Financing for NetSuite helps DWR customers in Australia get an unprecedented opportunity to get up and running with flexible financial solutions.

  • Package a complete IT solution into one total funded solution to simplify budgeting and planning.
  • Get access to a Line of Credit up to 100% of the cost of implementation.
  • Defer your first payment by up to 6 months.
  • Free up capital to respond to business priorities with no upfront costs associated with your project.

    Our Client Success


    How does this offer work?

    Approved customers will receive a Line of Credit to cover the cost of the implementation by DWR. This Line of Credit will allow you to cover the implementation for 6 months with agreed repayments to occur monthly after the 6 month period.

    Terms and Conditions

    Offer valid for a limited period only. Any proposed payment structure is subject to business approval and shall expire at the end of Oracle’s current fiscal quarter. Exclusive offer for Australia only.

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    Unlock the Power of NetSuite: Download the Buyer's Guide Today

    Navigating the diverse landscape of ERP software solutions can be daunting. With the NetSuite Buyer's Guide, you'll gain access to insider knowledge that empowers you to make the best decisions for your company. Get detailed insights into NetSuite's capabilities from operations, financial management, customer relationship management, and more.

    NetSuite Buyers Guide 2023

    How can NetSuite help you?

    With NetSuite you will set up your business for future growth.

    Accounting & Financial Management

    Rapid implementation that gets you and your team up and running quickly.

    Supply Chain & Inventory Management

    Built with best practices to ensure success on Day 1. NetSuite is the world’s #1 ERP solution.

    Warehouse Management

    Streamline your warehouse operations with greater control and visibility over inventory, fulfillment and shipping costs.

    Sales, CRM & Marketing Automation

    Reinvent your customer experience with world class Sales, CRM and Marketing automation tools.

    Procurement Planning

    Optimise your procurement process through a streamlined pay-to-procure process, procurement automation and workflow driven approval routings.

    Budgeting, Forecasting & Planning

    Designed with leading practices and years of experience in cloud ERP implementations.

    Omnichannel Commerce

    Create a consistent and personalised buying experience across all sales channels with superior omnichannel functionality.

    Intelligent Reporting

    Create meaningful and actual business reports without the need to second guess the accuracy of the data.

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      ERP Requirements Planning Tool Kit

      Simplify the complex task of selecting the right ERP solution for your business with our comprehensive Requirements Planner. Our expertly designed tool helps you identify, prioritise, and articulate your organisations specific ERP needs, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your unique requirements.

      ERP Requirements Planner
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      Manage Your ERP Evaluation Team

      Assign roles, track progress, and facilitate effective communication within the team, ensuring seamless collaboration and a well-coordinated evaluation process.

      Build Your ERP Evaluation Team
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      Define Your ERP Module Requirements

      Streamline your ERP evaluation by defining and prioritising the vital modules for your organisation's success. Select the ideal ERP solution customised to meet your module requirements and optimise your business operations.

      Select Your ERP Module Requirements
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      Refine Your ERP Functionality Requirements

      Enhance your ERP evaluation process by fine-tuning your functionality requirements with our comprehensive feature list, organised by module. Simplify the task of identifying and prioritising the specific functionalities your business needs to streamline operations.

      Refine Your ERP Functionality Requirements
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      Create Your ERP Evaluation and Implementation Timeline With Your Target Milestones

      Effortlessly outline your ERP evaluation and implementation journey with our customisable timeline feature. Set target milestones and track progress as you navigate through the process. Our intuitive tool empowers you to plan and visualise key stages, ensuring a structured and successful ERP evaluation and implementation within your desired timeframe.

      Create a Detailed ERP Implementation Project Plan
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      Get a Visual Representation of Your ERP Project Implementation Progress

      Gain a clear and visual representation of your ERP project implementation progress with our dynamic tracking feature. Our tool provides intuitive charts and graphs that showcase key milestones, tasks, and their completion status. Stay informed, monitor progress, and ensure a smooth and successful implementation of your ERP solution.

      Visualise Your ERP Evaluation Project
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