Buy Now and Pay Later with DWR and NetSuite.

Oracle Finance and DWR are offering Australian businesses an unprecedented opportunity to get up and running with NetSuite. 

  • Get access to a line of credit up to 100% of the cost of software licensing and implementation.
  • Defer your first payment for up to 6 months.
  • Have your business in a position to respond post Covid-19 with no up-front cost.
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How does this offer work?

DWR and Oracle Finance can have you up and running on NetSuite in 6 months with our Buy Now, Pay Later offer.


Approved customers will receive a 100% line of credit to cover the cost of the NetSuite licence and implementation by DWR. This line of credit will allow you to cover the costs of licencing and implementation for 6 months with agreed repayments to occur monthly after the 6 month period.


Take this opportunity while things are quiet to drive growth in your business after Covid-19.

How can NetSuite help you?

With NetSuite you will set up your business for future growth

Accounting & Financial Management

Rapid implementation that gets you and your team up and running quickly.

Supply Chain & Inventory Management

Built with best practices to ensure success on Day 1. NetSuite is the world’s #1 ERP solution.

Warehouse Management

Streamline your warehouse operations with greater control and visibility over inventory, fulfillment and shipping costs.

Sales, CRM &
Marketing Automation

Reinvent your customer experience with world class Sales, CRM and Marketing automation tools.


Optimise your procurement process through a streamlined pay-to-procure process, procurement automation and workflow driven approval routings.

Forecasting & Planning

Designed with leading practices and years of experience in cloud ERP implementations.

Omnichannel Commerce

Create a consistent and personalised buying experience across all sales channels with superior omnichannel functionality.


Create meaningful and actual business reports without the need to second guess the accuracy of the data.

What our clients say about us

“I was extremely happy with the implementation process, particularly running through processes online with the support team at DWR. I’m pleased to recommend DWR as an implementation and support partner. They were quick to understand our requirements and worked with us to establish sound processes that have made us much more productive.”

Fertile Mind

“Implementing NetSuite and partnering with DWR has completely transformed our business – they have helped us move to the next level.  The level of customisation it enables has allowed us to craft a dedicated solution that is a perfect fit for what we do.”

BajaRack Australia

“Having Salesforce implemented and having Salesforce working are two completely different things.  DWR and Michael were fantastic in working collaboratively, listening to our challenges and devising solutions that work for us, were implemented quickly and efficiently.”


Buchanan Group

“DWR came highly recommended and we are very happy we made the decision to partner with them. They really are subject matter experts when it comes to NetSuite implementation, configuration and performance.”

Employment Innovations

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