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Fertile Mind needed to remove double handling and manual data entry with a consolidated ERP

Fertile Mind is a manufacturer, distributor and online retailer of maternity wear and baby goods. The brainchild of journalist and TV presenter Christine Kinnimonth, the business began with the invention of one product, the Bellybelt. A simple kit that turned clothes into maternity wear. From this modest beginning, the business has grown to be one of the most successful in the maternity category.

“Because we had separate systems, information struggled to flow between the different departments of the business. There was a lot of double and manual data entry and we were constantly revising and updating data on the run.”

Kylie Mills-ColemanOperations Manager, Fertile Mind

Why did Fertile Mind choose NetSuite ERP, implemented by DWR?

Fertile Mind was using MYOB to run finances, a separate CRM system and a series of spreadsheets to manage orders and fulfilment from customers. NetSuite was identified as the best tool to consolidate these separate systems and remove the need for manual data entry.

Kylie Mills-Coleman, Operations Manager at Fertile Mind explains, “I was extremely happy with the implementation process, particularly running through processes online with the support team at DWR. Screen captures were also great for asking quick questions. I’m pleased to recommend DWR as an implementation and support partner. They were quick to understand our requirements and worked with us to establish sound processes that have made us much more productive.”


“Now we have all our financial and CRM information in one place, and it’s updated every minute, there is no double handling and fulfilment flows smoothly because we are managing our stock levels with consummate ease.”

Kylie Mills-ColemanOperations Manager, Fertile Mind

The outcomes Fertile Mind achieved with NetSuite ERP

Icon-RevenueConsolidated financials providing real-time updates
Icon-IntegratedIntegrated financials, payroll, HR and CRM.
Icon-Visibility-ResultsReal-time information for agile decision-making
Icon-Inventory-ProcessEnd-to-end fulfilment that now flows smoothly
Robust processes that have increased productivity
Icon-AutomationStreamlined sales, order, sales, and dispatch processes
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