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Enhancing operations from vineyard to table

Established in 2001, Bacchus Wine Merchant is a family-owned distributor of exclusive and hard-to-get wines, supplying Australia’s favourite venues and high-end restaurants. The Bacchus crew carefully chooses each wine in the company’s impressive range, ensuring only the finest are passed from vineyard to table. Although the company’s selective and extensive portfolio established notable organic growth, legacy systems held Bacchus back operationally.

“Before, price changes had to be done by going through each line item manually, and so mistakes were unavoidable. Now, it’s the push of a button in NetSuite. All these little things end up making a big difference.”

Ali FarhatOperations Manager

Outdated systems leaving a bitter taste

Bacchus was heavily reliant on data exports and manual manipulation of spreadsheets to understand stock levels and inventory requirements. The company’s server-based version of MYOB added too much time (and frustration) to simple workflows. Operations & Ali Farhat explains, “When we exported large volumes of data, or even if we had too many users accessing the system at once, MYOB would consistently crash. Simple tasks like reporting or placing a purchase order were slow and frustrating.”

Ali and the Bacchus team were burdened with constant exports of data to spreadsheets and a heavy manual workload. They needed to organise and cross-check information through various manual processes to understand stock on hand, and current and projected supply and demand. It was clear the business was surpassing the limitations of its legacy system.

Outdated Systems

“The proof is in the pudding. Look at what big companies are using. They're using high tech for a reason. If you're a medium to large business and you're not using market-leading cloud ERP software, you're not furthering your business.”

Ali FarhatOperations Manager
Business Partnership

Why did Bacchus partner with DWR on its NetSuite ERP implementation?

To yield greater productivity and more efficient operations, Bacchus partnered with DWR to implement a NetSuite ERP (enterprise resource planning) system. DWR stood out as the Australian NetSuite partner with a reputation for delivering on time and on budget.

Ali was immediately impressed with DWR’s professional yet personable approach. Ali explains, “We could tell it was the right connection straight away. We’d met with a few different solution providers that just didn’t impress. The boys at DWR came prepared, were easy to get along with, and brought a hugely positive attitude throughout the engagement. Everything went well, from first meeting the DWR team to going live.”

“DWR were definitely the right technology partner to pick. Even beyond post-go-live support, we still have a close relationship with the team. Implementations I’ve gone through in the past haven’t matched the positive attitude or focus on relationships that DWR has.”

Ali FarhatOperations Manager

The outcomes Bacchus achieved with NetSuite ERP, implemented by DWR

Bacchus partnered with DWR to consolidate and streamline business operations into a new NetSuite ERP instance. Some of the impressive features of NetSuite ERP that Bacchus is gaining a huge advantage from include:

Icon-Time-ChecklistHours of administration saved each week with live reporting and operational data instantly accessible within NetSuite
Icon-Business-IntelligenceConsolidated financial and operational reporting is now available at the click of a button
Greater efficiency through integration and automation of additional data sources, such as payroll and 3PL systems
Icon-White-Multi-CurrencyMulti-currency support to seamlessly buy and sell products without time-consuming manual calculations and checks
Icon-AuditCustomer 360 dashboards equip sales reps with a unified, real-time view of top-selling products and other crucial sales and customer activity data
Icon-TraceabilityLive data for sales reps on the road who now have access to all customer information before starting a meeting, saving the office hours of communication time per week with reps
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ERP Requirements Planning Tool Kit

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Better processes and more valuable data across the business

Along with significant operational improvements, sales processes and reporting have also been enhanced. Ali comments, “We can see our top-selling items every week, and that has brought some surprises. What we previously thought were our best-sellers and slow-moving items were quite different. We’ve now got accurate, live data supporting more strategic decisions about our product portfolio, and that helps us operate more profitably.”

The Bacchus team is now leveraging better processes and more valuable data from NetSuite to drive more strategic, profitable decision-making across the business. “It was taking hours to get the information I needed from the system from our old system.” Ali explains, “Now I just push a button in NetSuite to see accurate, live reports. Whether it’s sales reports, COA, incoming stock, items on backorder, promotions, stock on hand, stock sold, top customers, or top items sold, it’s all available instantly, letting us make better business decisions.”

Ali keenly recognises the company hasn’t yet reached the pinnacle of operational improvements to be gained from NetSuite, with much more opportunity ahead. The team is looking forward to seeing how NetSuite ERP continues to boost business growth well into the future.

Oracle NetSuite Dashboard

“We now have a report that goes out to our sales reps each Friday to keep them updated on new customers coming on board. So it’s easy to see which reps are bringing in the most new customers and creates a really positive incentive for the reps wanting to see their name on that list.”

Ali FarhatOperations Manager

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