Scalable CPQ solutions to maximise your Salesforce investment


Complicated Pricing

It shouldn’t take your sales team days to put together a quote but complex pricing models can significantly slow down the quoting process. Salesforce CPQ’s preconfigured and customised bundles make it quick to configure complex quotes. Plus, it’s designed to scale along with your growing business.


Need a guided sales cycle?

Salesforce CPQ’s step-by-step configuration makes it easy for sales reps to choose the right product or service from your catalogue by using guided selling prompts and product filters. Create custom prompts, define process input conditions, and more — anything’s possible with guided selling in Salesforce CPQ.


Require unique functionality?

With your business growing at a rapid rate, it’s only a matter of time until you outgrow Salesforce’s standard quoting functionality and want to customise your quotes. Salesforce CPQ enables you to gain control over the look and feel of the quotes your sales team provides customers by creating custom quote templates.


Struggling with billing?

For an added cost, Salesforce CPQ users also get access to subscription management software, called Billing. With this added functionality, your sales representatives can gain a centralised view of subscriptions, automatically generate renewals, and more easily manage recurring revenue and increasing lifetime customer value.

Our Salesforce Process

Business Review

Once we have an overview of your business challenges, we can then start to discuss possible solutions involving the Salesforce product suite

business intelligence and reporting

Improved Customer Service

Salesforce allows you to build suitable sales processes that match your company’s requirements.  It sits on the platform which can be leveraged to optimise and enhance your sales workflow, leaving you the customer to focus on growth or any other critical KPIs.


Our Salesforce Consulting team will help you to find the right solutions for your particular management challenges.


All our consultants are highly experienced and Certified in Salesforce. With a long history in the CRM and ERP industry, our team also bring decades of experience and learnings from 100s of implementations.

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