NetSuite win announcement: Better Music – Online and Retail Music Store

Tiernan OConnor
February 9th, 2021

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The DWR team is pleased to announce a new contract has been won with Australia’s largest independent musical instrument retail store, Better Music Pty Ltd. This partnership will enable the company to utilise NetSuite’s cloud platform to build out the omnichannel business and modernise the technology stack for growth.

First opened over 40 years ago, Better Music is Australian owned and operated in Canberra, ACT. They provide the largest range of quality musical instruments, lowest prices and high levels of customer service to musicians of all skill levels across Australia.

In 2013 they opened their brand-new bricks and mortar store – the largest purpose-built musical instrument store in Australia.

Greg Soulsby, Managing Director explains, “The move to utilising NetSuite as our core ERP will allow us to take advantage of everything the cloud has to offer. Working with DRW, Vend and Magento using integrations will allow us to have a best in breed solution across retail, warehouse, finance and online”.

Tiernan O’Connor, Sales Director of DWR comments, “We are thrilled to be chosen as the implementation and integration partner for this project.  The 3 key platforms being rolled out will allow the team to get on with growing the business and we look forward to being part of the businesses success.”



The DWR team, NetSuite’s fastest-growing partner for 2019, is pleased to announce a new contract has been won with Pneumatic and automation solution provider Pneutech Pty Ltd.  This partnership will enable the company to utilise NetSuite’s cloud platform to have real-time visibility across all functions on the business.

Pneutech leverages the technical knowledge base, product depth and breadth and worldwide support to provide our customers with the most suitable product solutions for any automation application requiring the use of pneumatics, robotics, fluids, electrical and hydraulics.

Damian Smith Managing Director explains, “We are very happy with our decision to move to Netsuite. The team at DWR have been very thorough in the scoping phase and have a strong grasp of our requirements. The sales process has been really easy and we are confident they will deliver a great solution.”

Tiernan O’Connor, Sales Director of DWR comments, “We are delighted to be chosen as the implementation partner on this new contract that supports a leader in the field of Pneumatics. The NetSuite platform is designed to help wholesale, online retailers, and many other businesses to save time, reduce costs, work smarter and strengthen their offering.




Why IT managers need to start thinking like a customer

Nigel Wooden
September 19th, 2019

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The role of the Information Technology Manager (or Chief Technology Officer) has changed dramatically in the past 20 years as technology takes an exponential leap forward every few years.

For decades, most employees – even some owners and shareholders – thought the primary objective of an IT Manager was simply to keeps the lights on and make sure the emails got through.

Things have changed a lot since Windows 95 was launched and, in this new era of customer centric commerce where the “user experience” is core to every aspect of a business, IT managers are faced with a raft of challenges and demands.

Firstly, proactive business owners now hire IT Managers to help formulate strategyand drive business planning yet in reality they still spend most of their time managing the day-to-day operations of their department.

Secondly, technology is constantly changing which means IT professional have to be constantly learning and researching to ensure they have the best solution in place, something that’s difficult if time is precious.

Thirdly, results that are often enabled by implementing new technology are sometimes not seen for 12 months or more yet many businesses analyse (and reward) their managers on quarterly results.

And lastly, the obvious successes attributed to technology are often invisible but the rare failures are always highly visible. Just ask the Tesltra IT management team how they feel about this phenomenon!

No-one said it’s an easy job but, despite all these hurdles, it is critical that IT Managers focus on the end game – happy customers.

According to a recent report from Forrester (Engaging Customers with Business Technology, 2015) which surveyed thousands of technology decision-makers from companies with 100 or more employees in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, New Zealand, the UK and the US, IT professionals need to extend their focus from improving internal operations (approximately 22% of their budget) to implementing technology that enhances the customer experience.

The report said that over 40 percent of business decision-makers viewed their IT as an impediment to accelerating business success!

It states that IT managers devote too much time and attention to managing traditional internal systems, lack strong relationships with executives in customer-facing roles and don’t have the skills to identify and deploy systems and processes that win and retain customers.

Now more than ever, IT Managers need to think and act like a product/account manager – constantly considering what customers want, how to deliver this to them, and how to capture information that continues to enhance their experience.

“Technology-fuelled, customer-led disruption will continue to arrive unexpectedly on your doorstep. From the customer’s perspective, your business is technology and technology is your business no matter what sector you are in,” says the report’s author, Peter Burris.

The upside of this is that IT Managers now find themselves on the cusp of an era where they are crucial to business success. For those who manage this transition to customer-centric management their prominence in the organisation will continue to rise.

If you are a Business Owner, GM or Operations Manager who’d like to know more about the way SaaS technology can make the customer central to everything you do, I’d love to speak with you.

Or if you are an IT Manager who is interested in learning how the Cloud can add enormous value to your role please visit our website ( or email me at