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Pimp my software … said no-one, ever

By July 6th, 2023NetSuite

While accessorising your favourite outfit with great shoes or some fancy jewellery may actually improve the overall look, doing the same to your business software is actually more akin to putting lipstick on a pig.

Many systems start as single piece of software and, as a company grows or acquires other businesses, the original system becomes something it was never intended to be.

Things are added, customised and manipulated. Other pieces of software are integrated and soon enough there’s a very interesting creature that’s unique if nothing else. It does some things very well, some things partially and a few other things haphazardly.

Often there are only one or two people in the business that know its idiosyncrasies and a few more that know bits and pieces about it.

On the upside, it probably paid for itself years ago. But is it really of any value?

More than likely it inhibits efficient workflows, duplicates processes and delivers inaccurate or incomplete reports.

If you are running a “pimped up” system you are using multiple systems to manage accounting, enterprise resource planning (ERP), payroll, marketing, customer management (CRM) and ecommerce, I implore you to consider a robust cloud-based business platform such as NetSuite.

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Over the past five years the cloud had proven itself to be secure, reliable and extremely cost effective and NetSuite has cemented itself as the most innovative and dynamic solution.

NetSuite allows you to:

  • Save time and money by eradicating double entry
  • Improve accuracy by removing duplicate data
  • Increase visibility of each site/department so you can make faster, more informed business decisions
  • Automate processes across the entire business
  • Efficiently manage the complexity of running multiple systems
  • Eliminate high IT cost of on-site servers and dealing with multiple vendors
  • Generate extremely accurate and real-time business intelligence.

It gives you a single source of truth that ensures consistency, efficiency, visibility and control in your business.

We are the fastest growing partner of NetSuite in Australia and are ideally placed to assist you if you’re interested to know more. We’d be pleased to introduce you to a host of DWR customers who are all more than happy to share their positive experience with others.