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Selecting the right business platform shouldn’t be a Melbourne Cup sweep

By March 9th, 2020News

Wasn’t the story behind the Melbourne Cup winner just fantastic! The first long shot to salute the judge since Old Rowley won at 100/1 in 1940 and the first female jockey to top the podium winning the hearts of every Australian in the process.

Choosing the winner is hard enough but when a roughie like that wins it’s a true lucky dip. If you drew Prince of Penzance in the sweep the morning of the race you were probably right to curse your luck and envy those that were allocated the favoured runners.

Unfortunately there are never any pleasant surprises if you select the ‘outsider’ when you are considering systems to drive your business forward.

Nor are there any winners if you try and patch together systems that are proven to be poor performers.

If you want to back a guaranteed winner, one that is growing at four times its nearest rival and is used in every industry in the world from horse breeding to hat making, then ask us about Netsuite.

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