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Is your business suffering from MacGyver Syndrome?

By July 6th, 2023NetSuite

Back in the late 1980s a popular television program, built on the premise that a man could solve tricky problems and escape captivity with nothing but chewing gum, salt and a business card, gave rise to a whole new term.

The amazing ability of the main character to save the day using everyday objects became a worldwide phenomenon and, as a result, the word transitioned from the title of a TV show to a verb used in everyday conversation.

Not surprisingly, when the concept is applied to a business environment the result is much less positive.

For many reasons a business may have created a patchwork of systems and software to conduct certain tasks or meet specific requirements. This environment resembles some kind of MacGyver built concoction which might be broadly useful, but is often unstable, hinders productivity and requires immense resources to maintain.

We see this all the time with our prospective clients. These disparate systems are rampant in businesses across Australia to the point where it’s actually more of a pandemic than isolated case of MacGyver syndrome!

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It’s clearly not cost and time effective to have ad-hoc and unaligned business processes. The importance of streamlined systems is growing as the business world embraces the digital age however, it’s surprising how many businesses decide to ‘make do’ with patchwork systems and quick fixes.

Whilst MacGyver was able to continually extricate himself from short term predicaments sometimes the best approach isn’t the one that provides the quick fix.

A more tangible solution is going to be much more beneficial in the long run. Less sticky tape, paperclips and match-sticks and more efficient technology that can be used to streamline multiple services and features onto one single platform. <

If you’re tired of MacGyver processes in your business you should really consider a modern, robust platform which has a proven track record and continues to be a pioneer in cloud technology. The power, functionality and flexibility of the NetSuite platform is why we chose to partner with them.

We are Australia’s fastest growing NetSuite partner and we deal exclusively with the NetSuite solution which means we are a true subject matter expert when it comes to cloud-based finance/ERP/CRM and Project Management software.

If you want to eradicate MacGyver syndrome in your business, please contact us today and we can discuss a solution.