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Holster your light sabre cowboy – future proofing your business doesn’t have to be a drama

By March 9th, 2020NetSuite

I’m back from Suiteworld and still find the breadth and depth of the Netsuite solution and ecosystem absolutely incredible. Six years ago at my first Suiteworld there were about 350 delegates and this year topped out at 9000.

Netsuite’s annual revenue has grown form $US160 million to $US960 million in that time and is on track to break a 1 Billion this year. I often refer to these numbers to emphasise the effect that DWR had when we signed on as a Partner in 2009!!!

What impacted me most at Suiteworld this year was the strength that Netsuite gives companies in terms of Future Proofing. The words alone can sometimes mean different things to different people but according to Wikipedia Future-proofing is “the process of anticipating the future and developing methods of minimising the effects of shocks and stresses of future events.”

When I discuss future proofing with current users and prospective customers I explain that it doesn’t mean that in 20 years time we will be using light-sabres to generate a sales order, using telepathy to enter data into the system or riding hover boards around the warehouse (al lá BTTF2).

Future proofing is all about preparing your organisation for future revenue streams and operating models. It’s about how we identify and assess these potential opportunities (and disruptions) and then functionally engage to plan for them. It’s about scalability and being nimble yet robust at the same time.

Netsuite is a platform, not a product and is implemented and managed as such. Whilst it has a very broad functional reach it also allows those basic transactional principles to be easily and quickly applied across an entire network.

The inward focus that legacy systems, and even rebadged or “lip-sticked” ones, often demand of an organisation can be eradicated if a flexible, open platform is implemented.

It was very empowering at Suiteworld 2016 to discuss the benefits of ‘Future Proofing’ with so many Netsuite Partners and Customers from all over the world.

We are constantly helping businesses not only streamline and radically transform their current operation, saving headcount and money, but ‘Future Proofing’ themselves against missing any opportunity or protecting their revenue streams as they.