Making Salesforce work for every user through
improved and customised functionality.

Buchanan Group are pioneers of third-party advertising with platforms including Brand Power and Medifacts. They have driven phenomenal sales growth for the world’s leading Tier 1 marketers. 

Review system configuration to improve engagement
Ensuring system processes were aligned with business processes
Improving ease-of-use and compliance to data quality requirements
“Having Salesforce working, and Salesforce implemented are two completely separate things. DWR and Michael were fantastic in working collaboratively, listening to our challenges and devising solutions that work for us. “
– Tim Hansen, Chief Operating Officer, Buchanan Group

Why did Buchanon Group
choose DWR?

Buchanan Group had implemented Salesforce, but the uptake from the team was poor and usage was highly variable from country to country.

The business needed Salesforce to work for different teams and to be embraced by the whole company by aligning the Salesforce configuration with their business processes.

Management now has a single view of the business through personalised dashboards and compliance has improved.

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DWR helped Buchanan Group get greater value from their Salesforce investment.

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Buchanan Case Study DWR

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