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What are the benefits of cloud-based software like NetSuite when working from home?

By July 6th, 2023NetSuite

With a global pandemic sending the world into a spin, flexible arrangements including working from home have become the new norm.  Initially, individuals invested in home office equipment, including desks, chairs and workstations to continue work as usual. As we slowly see the ease of restrictions and people return to offices, it is clear that flexible work options may be hear to stay.

The forced requirement to work from home has highlighted the benefits and ability of staff to maintain productivity whether they are at home or in the office.  As a result, the need for cloud-based solutions has increased to allow access to data from any location.

What are the benefits of cloud-based software?

One of the biggest challenges companies face is access to accurate data.  Research from Frost & Sullivan research reports that 75 per cent of Australia and New Zealand organisations are not confident that their data is accurate, complete and timely. This leads to an inability to respond to customer requests in real-time, along with poor workplace communication, resulting in lost customers and lack of productivity.

Over 80 per cent of organisations believe that better management of data would lead to improved customer experience, better business intelligence and better decision making. This is the benefit cloud-based software offers.

Why should you adopt cloud-based software like NetSuite?

With a global pandemic shaking up the economy and the workplace environment, the way businesses engage both with staff and their customers has taken a drastic turn. With no vaccine likely for the foreseeable future, it’s safe to say social distancing and the ability to work from home has sparked a new era of agile workplaces that is here to stay.

For businesses, cloud-based software offers the following:

Integration: customers are now, more than ever, looking for a completely online experience, which requires integration from the order through to purchase and then fulfilment. An authentic Omnichannel experience is possible with cloud-based software.

Choice: with the economy taking a turn, purse strings have tightened, and people are now more discerning about what they buy. They are looking for choice, and the ability to personalise their order to their desire, all done online with fast delivery.

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Experience: one of the stand out challenges businesses face is how to improve the customer experience. In light of COVID-19, the ability to connect with the customer online is now more critical than ever. By providing a positive customer experience, you can create new growth opportunities. Cloud-based software offers this with real-time integrated and well-managed data.

Efficiency: there is a need for organisations to become more efficient and effective when it comes to dealing with customers through their buying cycle. Cloud-based software offers the ability to automate the customer interaction with back-office functions, to provide a 24/7 service at a low cost.

Flexibility: with working from home the new norm, there is an increased need to offer employees the right tools to perform their jobs. Cloud-based software connects everyone in the office and enables increased communication with access to required documents, from anywhere, at any time.

Speed: cloud solutions are fast to implement, with cost models that are directly related to activity and size—thus enabling growth and controlling costs.

What are the specific advantages of NetSuite when working from home?

Easy access to data: no matter where staff are located, data is always available and accessible. This enables a fast response for both customer information and reporting purposes.

Easy to expand: as your organisation grows, you can grow with it, increasing the number of users as you go. It means you can have employees placed anywhere around the world, at home or the office, all with the same access to the platform, making full use of its functionality.

Easy to implement: by adopting the best practices, the solution can be implemented quickly and easily. You are presented with a unique opportunity to take advantage of global best practices and apply these to your organisation to see the NetSuite and running as quickly as possible.

Easy on expenditure: you can keep costs low with no infrastructure costs, no need for expensive IT specialists and no upgrade fees. Cloud-based software costs are licence based, avoiding carrying capital costs on the balance sheet and delivering fast return on investment.  This is particularly important if your businesses has been significantly impacted by Covid-19.

Easy to access: NetSuite can be accessed anywhere, anytime on most devices. In the current COVID-19 pandemic, it offers your employees to the freedom to work from home and safely self-isolate, while still having access to all the materials they need. As the world begins to reopen in time, it offers flexibility for people to travel and work offsite as required.

While Australia is slowly opening back up again and kicking the economy into gear, it is clear that the effect of lockdown will be long-lasting, changing the way organisations operate and communicate with their customers. With information comes a unique ability to adapt and pivot in line with these changes, offering flexibility to employees and the ability to perform their job from anywhere. NetSuite is the tool that will allow your organisation to create a competitive advantage and withstand any future disruptions.

Tiernan OConnor

Tiernan O'Connor is an accomplished Sales Director and NetSuite expert at DWR Consulting, a top-tier NetSuite Solution Provider and Implementation Partner. With over 25 years of experience in Sales, Marketing, Cloud ERP and technology, Tiernan has become a trusted authority in the NetSuite Partner community, helping businesses of all sizes streamline their operations and achieve success. Tiernan's in-depth understanding of NetSuite's capabilities and his extensive experience in implementing cloud-based ERP solutions have positioned him as a thought leader in the industry. He is known for his ability to identify and execute tailored strategies that meet each client's unique needs, ensuring they unlock the full potential of NetSuite's powerful features. Connect with Tiernan on LinkedIn

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