In an ever-changing and increasingly competitive commercial environment, it’s never been more important to have a powerful business platform.

 With more than 30,000 businesses and organisations using NetSuite, it makes their platform 10 times larger than the nearest competitor which means 10 times the resources for development and support.

Comprehensive functionality with industry-specific support for a broad range of industries means NetSuite works the way your business works. Built from the ground up for the cloud, NetSuite lowers the costs and reduces the hassle of IT.

One common platform and shared data that spans from back-office financials through to ordering, fulfilment, customer records and client care, provides complete visibility and simplified integration.

  • Transformational benefits

  • Designed for a modern company

  • Reaches across the business

  • Built in flexibility for growth

  • Business intelligence for all

  • eCommerce-Ready ERP

It’s now the world’s fastest growing business system with a presence in over 100 countries and every conceivable business type including some of the world’s best-known brands.

There is a great deal of information available about the breadth and depth of NetSuite, businesses that have embraced this platform and the difference it’s made to their operations but we suggest you start here – DWR Corporate Profile

Five Pillars of a great platform

We chose to partner with NetSuite because it addresses what we believe to be the five key issues that are critical to the success of any modern business. DWR identified these ‘pillars’ over years of working with a diverse range of clients. We searched high and low for a platform that would support these pillars and NetSuite was the clear winner. We are ‘all-in’ with NetSuite and don’t sell or service any other software. We are one of the longest serving NetSuite-partners in the Australian market and, thanks to our renewed focus on the NetSuite ecosystem, are now also the fastest growing NetSuite partner in ANZ!





Future Proof



Great processes managed by great systems deliver great results

Accurate, clean and relevant data is the lifeblood of every business. Reliable information that’s delivered in a timely and consistent manner allows you to make decisions with confidence. Conversely, double handled, inaccurate, unclean and unreliable data is a recipe for disaster. NetSuite allows you to create your own “best practice” standards across every part of the business and enforce workflows that all users must follow. The beauty of NetSuite is that if any procedures need to be tweaked at any time, the flexibility and configurability of the system accommodates change with ease.


Future Proof

Being in the Cloud just makes sense

Future proofing is all about preparing your organisation for future revenue streams and operating models. It’s about how we identify and assess these potential opportunities (and disruptions) and then functionally engage to plan for them. It’s about scalability and being nimble yet robust at the same time.

NetSuite is a platform, not a product and is implemented and managed as such. Whilst it has a very broad functional reach it also allows those basic transactional principles to be easily and quickly applied across an entire network. The inward focus that legacy systems, and even rebadged or “lip-sticked” ones, often demand of an organisation can be eradicated if a flexible, open platform is implemented.

We are constantly helping businesses to not only streamline and radically transform their current operation (saving headcount and money) but also to ‘Future Proof’ them so they are able to protect existing revenue streams and so they don’t miss any opportunities that present themselves.

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