Suiteification – “NetSuite Partner DWR + cloud ERP NetSuite”

It’s one thing to have a transformational operating platform in your business. But to have it delivered by a partner you can trust, with a proven track record and a passion for outstanding customer service is another thing altogether.

And for this exceptional combination we have coined the term Suiteification.

It’s unique to DWR and we guarantee is for every customer and every project. In short, Suiteification is the feeling you get when the most powerful business system in the world (NetSuite) is implemented seamlessly and cost effectively into your business by a consulting business which is different to any other ‘partner’.

A lot of consulting businesses talk a big game when it comes to collaboration but in DWR you really do gain a committed business partner with a discovery process, delivery model and service engine that is more detailed, more transparent and more cost effective than any other.

We know it works because all of our customers are more than willing to serve as a referee.

Suiteification is the way we go about addressing YOUR requirements

At DWR we don’t implement software … we solve business problems.

For years we have met with business owners, CEO’s, Managing Directors, CFO’s and Operations Managers who are frustrated by bad data and poor workflows. Information across products and services data is delivered inefficiently, slowly, inaccurately or inconsistently?

By undertaking a dedicated collaborative discovery and documentation approach to solving your business challenges, DWR can guarantee the budget, timeline and outcomes for your investment. We achieve this through providing a dedicated process which details the requirements, design and testing to reach the desired outcome.

We employ fully qualified and certified staff with many years intensive experience. Using proven implementation methodology our consultants establish exactly how your business requirements can best be met before designing and configuring your solution.

Application consultants, business analysts, project managers, technology consultants, trainers and integration specialists are all available to work with your own staff to ensure it works right, first time and continues to meet your expectations.

Suiteification is the up-front way we do business

From the certainty of fixed-price and fixed-time implementation of solutions bespoke to your individual organisations processes, through the continuing local support by a single point of contact, DWR provide companies and their management with complete confidence from project conception onwards.

We are not a typical management consultancy because we are completely “hands-on” and immerse ourselves in your business.

Our professional services team ensure that you’ll receive the maximum return on your investment in the shortest possible time with the minimum possible interruption to your business.

We encourage you to speak directly with any of the clients who will attest to the great business relationships we forge with our customers. Our case studies and testimonials are real and they are genuine.

Suiteification is the cloud ERP solution we stake our reputation on … NetSuite

NetSuite is the world’s fastest growing business system that manages all business processes from the first customer ‘touch-point’ to after sales service … and every business function in between!

It was the first true-cloud ERP business platform and remains at the forefront of UI, functionality and adaptability.

Unlike most other consulting businesses, we don’t work with any other solution…. only NetSuite.

An ROI study of customers using NetSuite conducted by independent analyst firm Nucleus Research in 2014 found companies accelerated their close times by up to 50%, increased sales productivity by almost 13%, increased inventory stock turns by as much as 60% and cut order processing time by as much as 67% by streamlining their systems and running operations through the one cloud-based platform.

After previously selling other solutions and exhaustive research into the other options, and having helped take over 100 business “into the cloud” via NetSuite over the past decade, we have discovered the core reasons why NetSuite is the best solution.

It’s a key part of Suiteification and we call it the Five Pillars and you can read more about it here

Suiteification is the way as a NetSuite Partner we back it up

Our client relationships are forged on our whole-of-business approach.

Our philosophy is that implementing a solution is only the beginning of an extremely important ongoing business partnership between DWR and our customers so we place the highest level of importance on customer support. Our success in becoming one of the leading NetSuite partners in Australia is testimony to our attention to our client’s needs and to building long term, supportive relationships with them.

We’re here to answer any and all questions or concerns you have about NetSuite. You can pick up the phone and speak to us any time about any aspect of the platform. And this goes for any business that uses NetSuite, not just those who were introduced to the platform via DWR.

Unlike other support services available we actually understand the nuances of your business and know the workflows, reports, screens and user activity trends you have implemented. At DWR, you’ll speak with the same Sydney-based support people each time you call and you’ll receive the same accurate advice every time as well. Plus our costs are a fraction of the corporate NetSuite service which are calculated as a percentage of your license fees!

Suiteification is guaranteed peace of mind

Finally, a critical aspect of Suiteification is the DWR Guarantee.

Because of our dedicated collaborative discovery and documentation approach to solving your business challenges along with our stable, dedicated team and the significant experience that come from delivering over 100 successful cloud-based ERP projects, DWR can guarantee the budget, timeline and outcomes for your investment. We achieve this through providing a dedicated process which details the requirements, design and testing to reach the desired outcome.

We are pleased to offer this guarantee to our customers so they can enter into an arrangement with our company with complete confidence and peace of mind.

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