DWR + Salesforce

Our Salesforce Consulting Team begin by understanding your business. We have been implementing and supporting CRM since 2009 and bring a depth of experience and knowledge gained through many years of successful delivery.

We will engage with you and your executives reviewing your current processes and understand your pain points. Through this consultative process we find many of our customers challenges gaining further insight into your specific business requirements.

Understand your customers better with Salesforce, the worlds #1 CRM

Customer Data

Salesforce allows you to identify, understand and assist customers without the worry of using innaccurate data.

Customer Service

Provide outstanding customer service with Salesforce allowing all areas of your business to access a complete customer history at anytime.


Sales & Marketing Automation

Salesforce takes the burden out of managing customers by automating everyday sales and marketing tasks.

Useful Analytical
Data & Reporting

Create useful customised reports that draw data from a single source of customer data.

business intelligence and reporting


Once we have an overview of your business challenges, we can then start to discuss possible solutions involving the Salesforce product suite

Workflow Review

Salesforce allows you to build suitable sales processes that match your company’s requirements. It sits on the Force.com platform which can be leveraged to optimise and enhance your sales workflow, leaving you the customer to focus on growth or any other critical KPIs.

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