NetSuite for Wholesale Distribution

Discover your Suite spot with the No1 cloud-based ERP for wholesale distributors.

Unleash the benefits of NetSuite with DWR

NetSuite for wholesale distribution removes the need for multiple systems, consolidating Inventory, Demand Planning, Accounting and Financials and CRM Management into one, unified system.

Streamlined Management

Investment in technology is critical to innovate and ensure wholesale distributors keep up-to-date with competitors and new business models.

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How businesses sell, source and create products is continually evolving. Distributors, in particular, are exploring new ways of going to market and tweak their business models to capitalise on new markets.

This change is customer driven. B2B customers now act like consumers and want to purchase products, however, and whenever they like.   They want to know if the product is in stock, how fast it will be shipped, and when it will arrive. This efficiency can only be achieved by delivering a true omnichannel process.  To do this, a wholesale distribution business must integrate all of its core business systems with the help of DWR and NetSuite.

DWR will find and remove the roadblocks caused by multiple systems and connect all of your business operations using NetSuite. With NetSuite, you’ll have a fully integrated, unified system that will seamlessly connect all of your business operations and help you meet the demands of B2B customers, and improve your bottom line.

Greater Visibility

Unify your distribution infrastructure on a single unified cloud-based platform that will reduce IT costs and give you real-time visibility over your business.

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A growing distribution business requires a platform that will manage and support stock volume, complex operations, sales, financials and marketing activities all from a single source of data. NetSuite for wholesale distribution includes several unique components, including:

– Automated order processing
– Inventory management
– Integrated shipping and logistics
– Product packaging and assembly
– Integrated e-commerce capabilities.

Many wholesale distributors use a combination of accounting packages like Quickbooks and excel spreadsheets to manage their business.  Moving this to NetSuite will improve efficiency and achieve cost savings, including IT and reporting, sales and customer service, and inventory and margin management.

Increase in Sales

Real-time visibility over the sales pipeline, inventory availability and customer service issues will accelerate the sales cycle.

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Improved visibility, coupled with salesforce automation and CRM functionality, allow your sales team to improve productivity and increase sales without the need for additional resources.

NetSuite will help shorten the sales cycle and allow you to open up new sales channels as sales staff have access to accurate real-time data. Improved data access will enable them to spend more time finding new customers, and less time managing the existing customer base enabling a true omnichannel experience.

See NetSuite for Wholesale Distribution in Action

NetSuite for wholesale distribution consolidates all your systems into one with real-time visibility over customers, inventory, financials, sales and CRM.

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