NetSuite for Transportation and Logistics

Leverage the agility of the cloud to deliver transformative results to your bottom line.

Improve the customer experience by unifying your software suite with NetSuite and DWR

NetSuite delivers transportation and logistics companies cloud agility bringing together inventory management, supply chain, reporting, compliance and accounting workflows under NetSuite, the world No1 cloud-based ERP.

Real-Time Data

Empower your employees with anywhere, anytime access to real-time data improving customer service and process efficiencies.

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NetSuite gives your employees unprecedented visibility transforming the access, reliability and availability of data across multiple regions. Managing multiple currencies, languages, taxation and reporting requirements across different countries within one unified system gives management the ability to make a decision quickly, and based on accurate information accessed through NetSuite.

Real-time, step-by-step insight into shipments from pick up to delivery allow transport and logistics companies to improve the customer experience through accurate, up-to-date reporting.

Global Functionality

Meet the challenge of streamlining business processes across multiple subsidiaries and locations worldwide.

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In a fast-paced environment like logistics and transport, the need for access to reliable and accurate business information is crucial.  Customers want to know when their order is shipped, its location, and when it will be delivered. A task made either through a cloud-based ERP like NetSuite.

NetSuite is built for the 21st Century with customer expectations in mind. It offers the flexibility to meet changing consumer demands, and the flexibility to accommodate growth when you need to expand.

Financial Consolidation

Leverage NetSuite's robust reporting tools to increase staff productivity and faster financial management for multiple locations.

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NetSuite delivers real-time insight into financial performance, improving visibility over staff productivity and finances. NetSuite allows you to streamline management of multiple locations and franchise consolidating information in one, unified system.

Too often Transportation and Logistics companies are forced to rely on a combination of unreliable spreadsheets and ageing accounting systems that create inefficiencies with routine tasks such as the monthly close or the dissemination of reliable and accurate information for decision making. NetSuite consolidates data to provide real-time data so companies can decide using accurate information in a fast paced environment.

NetSuite for Transportation and Logistics

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