NetSuite for Small Business

Discover the benefits of NetSuite SuiteSuccess Starter Edition.

SuiteSuccess is the ideal solution for businesses with less than 10 users.

SuiteSuccess gives rapidly growing small businesses the opportunity to access core ERP functionality with the ability to grow and improve as the business changes.

One Platform

Empower your employees with instant visibility over financial, customer, inventory and sales data.

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NetSuite SuiteSuccess opens up a world of possibility for small business offering a complete business management solution in one.

By unifying your front and back office, NetSuite SuiteSuccess gives you full visibility over your small business, giving you the opportunity to drive results and scale as the business grows.


Small businesses that implement NetSuite achieve 360 degree visibility and increase in actionable insights and significant reduction in reporting time.

Faster Implementation

From day one NetSuite SuiteSuccess delivers all the tools to get up and running quickly with the right workbench to be successful.

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Taken from years of experience, NetSuite delivers a number of roles that are pre-configured with KPI’s, reminders, reports and value-driven dashboards to ensure rapid adoption and quick speed of implementation.


Phase Your Implementation

Apply a staged approach to NetSuite implementation building capability based on what the business needs driving value and ROI.

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NetSuite SuiteSuccess provides a system that small business can build on. The first step is about delivering a single view of customers, orders, item/SKU’s and real-time reporting capabilities.

From there, businesses can choose to add further capabilities as the need arises including the expansion of accounting and financial functionality and enhancing reporting and automation capabilities.

Down the track, NetSuite SuiteSuccess allows for further expansion including the ability to tackle more complex financial challenges, including integration expansion, project management organisations, global operations and book management and advanced compliance requirements.

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See how NetSuite SuiteSuccess gives you faster access to the data you need.

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