NetSuite for Manufacturing

Gain a competitive edge with NetSuite, the No1 cloud-based ERP for manufacturers

More effective management of your manufacturing business

NetSuite for manufacturing edition provides a single system combining Sales and CRM Management, Accounting and Financial Control, Advanced Inventory and Demand Planning plus Material Requirements Planning functionality to manage Work Orders and complex WIP and Routings.

Demand Management

NetSuite’s demand planning module provides multiple options using historical demand, open opportunities and/or sales forecasts.

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NetSuite provides the opportunity to review weekly or monthly demand with the ability to edit and review forecasted demand before moving to supply planning.

Key capabilities of the demand planning module include:

– Historical demand analysis
– Sales forecast incorporation
– Update capability by CSV or web services

With more sophisticated demand management capability, with the help of DWR, NetSuite can deliver rapid value to your bottom line.

Supply Management

NetSuite evaluates inventory with demand and supply to optimise and deliver unprecedented control over your supply chain.

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Supply chain planning is a delicate balance between demand and supply.  The management of raw materials, work-in-progress inventory and finished goods require broad visibility, materials availability and resource planning.

NetSuite’s supply chain capabilities allow businesses to manage the supply chain across multiple locations and timezones.  The physical location where the product is made should be irrelevant to the decision-making process which NetSuite allows you to manage with ease.


Integrate NetSuite with CAD applications to simplify costing and support easy importation of bill of materials.

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Streamline your engineering team management and manage engineering changes end-to-end ensuring that all changes are reflected in downstream BOMs, plans and inventories.

NetSuite also allows flexible costing that supports comprehensive inventory costing methods including LIFO, FIFO, average, standard and actual costing.

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NetSuite for manufacturing seamlessly links front and back office with production to streamline your manufacturing business.

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