NetSuite for Hospitality

Manage your hospitality business on a unified hospitality management software system.

Unify your software suite and improve efficiency with NetSuite and DWR

NetSuite for hospitality brings innovations around menu, POS and supply chain to enhance efficiencies and the customer experience in your hospitality business.

Point of Sale

Modernise your point-of-sale with a quick, efficient and personalised services that enhance the customer experience and builds customer loyalty.

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NetSuite allows you to unify your online and in-store experience.  SuiteCommerce InStore unifies the physical and digital shopping experiences within NetSuite, allowing you to manage multiple point-of-sale devices on one unified system.

Key benefits of SuiteCommerce InStore include:

– Introduce order taking mobility using mobile ordering devices.
– Allow real-time view of menu availability.

Enhance the customer experience with a faster, more efficient POS that will keep your customers coming back.


Inventory/Supply Management

NetSuite evaluates inventory with demand and supply to optimise and deliver unprecedented control and visibility.

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Inventory planning is a delicate balance between demand and supply.  The management of ingredients and other inventory requires a consolidated view that connects menu items purchased and ingredient availability.

NetSuite’s inventory management capabilities allow businesses to manage the supply chain to ensure availability of the required ingredients and produce to ensure adequate supply.

Improve Productivity

Leverage NetSuite's robust reporting tools to increase staff productivity and faster financial management for multiple locations.

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NetSuite delivers real-time insight into financial performance, improving visibility over staff productivity and finances. NetSuite allows you to streamline management of multiple locations and franchise consolidating information in one, unified system.

See NetSuite for Hospitality in Action

Improve operational efficiency within your restaurant or hospitality business with NetSuite.

NetSuite for Hospitality

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